Boutique Hotels in European Cities

Find romantic boutique hotels in popular European cities with our new and growing guide to fantastic places to stay in top cities.

Dublin Boutique Hotels
Dublin is packed full of Irish charm – it’s easy to see why it finds its way into the hearts of so many visitors. The city is famed for its hospitality and its party atmosphere, but also its rich heritage that’s visible as you explore the streets. From live music, to sport, to free-flowing whiskey, it’s hard not to find a way to enjoy yourself here. Dublin’s gorgeous collection of boutique hotels reflect exactly that mix, ranging from understated luxury to out and out rock’n’roll glamour.

Paris Boutique Hotels
What do you think of when you think about Paris? Culture, style, cuisine, romance? Perhaps all of the above? These qualities that so enchant its visitors are also fully in evident in the city’s boutique hotels. Historic buildings, chic decor, quirks and surprises – we’ve found them all

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